Sanitize with UV-C Light

Purlite will vaporize any bacteria on your personal items such as phones, sunglasses, and keys, that may transfer from touching things like door handles, grocery carts, and gas pumps.


About PurliteTM

  • PurLite technology leverages the power of UV-C light to kill viruses and germs on items found in the home and in medial and professional settings. No need for harmful chemicals, PurLite technology is the ONLY UV-C solution on the market that uses 360-degree UV-C light coverage to kill germs in seconds. Now you can sanitize with light!
  • UV-C light is a 100% effective germicidal agent which causes fatal damage to germs at the genetic level. UV-C light is proven to sanitize safely and effectively in leading hospitals.
  • No micro-organisms can withstand UV-C light, and unlike chemical agents, they simply cannot develop a defense against it.


Key Features

  • Ultra-fast to use! Takes only 30-seconds to disinfect commonly used objects.
  • Compact design allows you to place the product anywhere.
  • 360-degree cleaning capability allows a variety of small objects to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • 2-year commercial warranty

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